Our Purpose

We are constantly staring at the sun, blinded by an endless horizon of possibilities to create positive impact and change. Connecting inspiring humans and aspirational dreamers is at the core of our ethos.

Web3 will only reach the mainstream when non-Web3 visionaries are welcomed, educated and enabled.

THE KRILLEST is combining Web3 visionaries with extraordinary leaders across 12 non-Web3 verticals in a gated ecosystem. Members build bonds through unique IRL experiences and co-create tomorrow’s projects through a full-stack marketplace.


Harvard Business School
Global Angels Foundation
Cool Cats
Rainforest Partnership
Bitch Coin
Super World


We ensure that The Krillest is filled with truly impactful contributors by orchestrating an application-based “freshman class.” No social climbers, “crypto bros” or flippers – we embrace the “crypto curious,” the many whom have yet to fully contribute their knowledge and talents to the Web3 community.

Successful applicants possess Kriller Instinct. They are entrepreneurs, artists, investors, technologists and thinkers who have experienced success across varied disciplines and share values of empathy, idea exchange, collaboration and a collectively enriched tomorrow.

12 PRIME Disciplines

Along with our application and invitation-based members, each year we seek out and recruit ‘Prime Members’ – non-Web3 leaders across 12 disciplines of culture, cause, commerce and everything in between.

We do this to cultivate a community that ensures diversity, leadership and inspiration, enabling the impact of Web3 to go mainstream for the first time.

Music & Entertainment
The Arts & Design
Community & Education
Wellness & Spirituality
Athletics & Adventure
Technology & Innovation
Philanthropy & Impact
Culinary & Hospitality
Travel & Leisure
The Sciences
Venture & Growth


Additionally, each year THE KRILLEST makes investments in individuals we and our existing members identify as rising talent across the 12 Prime Disciplines.

This “scholarship” program is in the form of free memberships, programming opportunities and amplification, for those whom may not currently have the credentials or means to afford a membership, but for whom our community would not be as strong without.

Join Us

The Krillest is a collective of inventors, artists, risk-takers and idealists, who share an insatiable desire to learn, discover and grow. Do you have that Kriller Instinct? Click the link below to begin the application process.