The Krillest is a hand-selected community of builders and thinkers interested in the Web3 future. Members understand that greatness cannot be achieved alone, but that together, they can do extraordinary things.

Membership Types

Year 1 Membership

2.0 ETH

1,000 Released

  • Annual membership requiring a re-up payment each year.
  • Annual membership fees will be a variable cost based on the floor price of the Lifetime Membership.

LIFETIME Membership

5.0 ETH

2,100 Released

  • Lifetime access to The Krillest.
  • Belong to a hand-picked organization of leaders and aspirational dreamers committed to manifesting impact through Web3.
  • Access to private nomadic clubhouses around the world and once-in-a-lifetime Krillest Member Experiences
  • Access to buy and sell within The Krillest NFT Marketplace ecosystem.

LIFETIME Membership

15.0 ETH

225 Released

  • All of the benefits of a Member Token holder
  • x1 Annual Membership airdrop to gift or resell
  • Participation in The Krillest treasury
  • Exclusive DAO participation and governance

*Minting a Krillest NFT does not guarantee full access to the benefits of The Krillest, including but not limited to the discord community, clubhouses and events. Please submit an application to be considered for membership into The Krillest. Upon application review and acceptance into The Krillest, the NFT owner will be granted full access to all membership benefits.

Membership NFTs

Memberships to The Krillest requires a membership NFT and a successful application. There are currently only 225 Elder NFTs and 2,100 Member NFTs available for sale.

Lower number tokens are more valuable, as holders benefit from preferential access to limited experiences and marketplace drops. Each NFT is artistically unique and holds secret benefits. The Krillest is the first in membership NFTs to feature aesthetic rarity.

NFT images


About The Krillest

What is The Krillest?

The Krillest is a membership-based organization of diverse builders and thinkers interested in Web3. Members share specialized knowledge and personal networks with intimacy and vulnerability to help each other grow, personally and professionally.


What is the core value proposition?

Members cuts through the noise of Web3 hype with access to a network of vetted builders. Once accepted, members can grow personally and professionally with access to each other at The Chimera House, a moving ‘nomadic’ clubhouse, a range of extraordinary group experiences and a private marketplace for starting and scaling projects. 

How do I join The Krillest?

To participate, one must hold a membership NFT and apply to join the community. Holding a token does not guarantee you access to The Krillest or any of its benefits.

You may buy an NFT here and then apply here (or vice versa).

Why The Krillest?

Times are tough, but Web3 isn’t going away. Now more than ever Web3 is siloed, out of reach for mainstream builders and out of touch with mainstream needs. The Krillest is a high-quality space for builders and thinkers to bond through unique IRL experiences and safely co-build tomorrow’s projects.


What are Prime Members?

The Krillest’s ‘Prime Members’ are non-Web3 builders and thinkers across 12 sectors of culture, cause, commerce and everything in between. We’re the first Web3 native community to do this and it enables those that know their industry best to guide the use of web3 tech in a way only they could.

Can I join The Krillest if I cannot afford to purchase a token?

Each year, The Krillest makes investments in individuals that existing members identify as rising talent across the 12 Prime Disciplines.


This “scholarship” program is in the form of free memberships, programming opportunities and amplification, for those who may not currently have the credentials or means to afford a membership, but for whom our community would not be as strong without.

About Token Benefits & Utility

What are the benefits for Member token holders?

  • Access to a growing global network of people, programs and opportunities
  • Nomadic clubhouses around the world and once-in-a-lifetime Krillest Member Experiences
  • Access to launch, buy and sell within The Krillest Marketplace ecosystem

What are the additional benefits of Elder token holders?

  • All of the benefits of a Member Token holder
  • x1 Annual Membership airdroped per yer
  • Participation in The Krillest treasury
  • Exclusive DAO participation and governance

Is there any benefit to owning more than one of these Genesis tokens?

Both Genesis Elder and Member tokens are lifetime membership tokens; There will never be more Elder tokens minted and future Member tokens will be annual memberships. Owning more than one of these Genesis tokens allows both Elder and Member token holders to speculate while having the option to keep one for their lifetime membership.

Will there be rarities?

Yes. The rarity of the token is be determined by each token’s unique art and the type of token: Elder and Member. Also, unlike other membership NFTs, lower numbered tokens are more valuable in the Krillest because they provide:

 1) Preferential access to limited availability experiences

2) Preferential access to limited marketplace opportunities


Is there a Discord?

Yes, Discord serves as the primary digital communications hub for The Krillest Membership. You may join our public channels and private channels (if you hold a token and have been accepted) here.

About the Clubhouses & Experiences

When will the first clubhouse open?

The first clubhouse, “Chimera House”, opens July 27th to August 15th in Ibiza, Spain. RSVP and read details here.

What programming can I expect at the Clubhouse?

Members can expect an exciting variety of programming, including everything from spa days, chef table experiences, wellness panels discussions, exotic themed dinners, guest lecturers, intimate industry dinners, dance parties with celebrated DJs and intimate performances from some of your favorite audio and visual artists. See details, RSVP and contribute to the programming here.

Can token holders bring guests to clubhouses and events?


Can I stay at the Clubhouse?

This depends on each clubhouse. For our first in Ibiza this summer there are 12 luxurious private rooms, each unique, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Bookings are now open here.

Is there a privacy/no photos policy at the Clubhouse?

We will generally not prohibit the taking of photos and videos except for secret events; however, we do expect that photos and videos are taken sparingly. We also request that you honor the privacy of all other members and guests by using the utmost discretion while documenting memories in the clubhouse.

How do members book events?

For experiences outside the clubhouse, a request form will be available to members for submission. This form will require all necessary details, including number of attendees, date, budget and payment information. Once the form is internally reviewed, our team will reach out to confirm the receipt of the request. Next, a quote will be sent to the member with available option(s). If the member would like to proceed with booking the experience, a refundable deposit will be collected.  We will confirm the final cost with the member prior to finalizing the booking. Once the experience is booked, we will be on hand until the event is over to ensure all expectations are met.

Since experiences are custom, all are “subject to availability.” After the deposit is taken, we will work to secure all aspects of the experience, however, there is always the chance that the opportunity is not confirmed – in which case we will fully refund the deposit.

Are events and experiences “first come, first served”

Yes, and in some cases by invitation only. We would love for all of our members to have the opportunity to enjoy our one-of-a-kind experiences, but due to the special nature of some of the events, there is a limit to the number of members that we are able to accommodate. We have enough experiences available so that every member who wants to attend experiences with The Krillest will be able to do so.

Does anyone get priority in booking events?

Yes, for certain events Elder token holders and the lowest number Member token holders will have first priority and, in some cases, exclusive access to opportunities.

Do members need to pay extra for experiences?

Clubhouse experiences are generally free to members, but there are some special events that will have increased costs associated with producing them and may come with a surcharge. Our member experiences are at the member’s expense; however, The Krillest will provide some outstanding community members with prepaid seats.

What is the cancellation policy? Is there a refund if it was a paid event?

Club experiences are generally free to members. In the spirit of allowing other members to enjoy the events, we encourage members to cancel promptly as their plans change. Refund policies are determined on an event-by-event basis but are generally favorable for members.

If a member cancels, who is the ticket/slot given to?

Slots will be given to those next in the standby queue.

Join Us

The Krillest is a collective of inventors, artists, risk-takers and idealists, who share an insatiable desire to learn, discover and grow. Do you have that Kriller Instinct? Click the link below to begin the application process.