Nomadic Clubhouses

The world’s first pop-up clubhouse and pilgrimage for community building and manifesting impact through collaboration. Multiple times a year, Krillers meet around the world for unparalleled clubhouse experiences filled with intimate conversations, 5-star dining and an array of thoughtfully curated entertainment and thought leader programming.

The Chimera House

July 27 – August 15, 2022 in Ibiza, Spain

This summer, we’re gifting to the Web3 community an oasis in Ibiza, Spain. The House will have everything you could desire, featuring a best-in-class restaurant, multiple bars, a private pool, beautifully manicured grounds and programming of epic proportions.

Future pilgrimages are being planned in even more spectacular destinations like Bali, Tulum, Aspen & Dubai.

Read more about The Chimera House and RSVP here.

In-House Experiences

We offer a unique variety of in-house experiences that includes everything from spa days and exotic themed dinners to guest lecturers and intimate performances from some of your favorite musicians.

Wellness & Expansion

Give your mind, body and soul a recharge with some of the best health & wellness practitioners in the world. Expand your mind in sacred ceremonies and rituals. Bring your body to optimal performance with breath work and ice bath workshops. Together with physical healing, mindfulness and wellness sessions will put you back on the right path.

Guests & Gastronomy

Musical and culinary arts unexpectedly come together in these dynamic culinary experiences with inventive and internationally celebrated chefs. Savor every bite as the sounds of live performances by award-winning and highly sought after musical artists, DJs and producers envelop your body and penetrate your soul. The table has been set for a truly multi-sensory experience.

Ideation & Education

A curated series of conversations that merge Web3 visionaries and thought leaders across various disciplines such as The Arts & Design, Music & Entertainment, Wellness & Spirituality, The Sciences and Sustainability. Walk away from these experiences benefiting from the insights shared by humans whose impact is shaping the world we live in.

Join Us

The Krillest is a collective of inventors, artists, risk-takers and idealists, who share an insatiable desire to learn, discover and grow. Do you have that Kriller Instinct? Click the link below to begin the application process.