Member Manifesto

We are first and foremost an UNTETHERED SOCIETY, a tribe of RARE HUMANS.

Like the mythological Chimera whose form takes shape by combining unique and disparate parts of the natural world, we enable our differences to manifest into something new. Something unexpected.

We are not defined by our accomplishments but by the intent behind them. We believe the journey is the mission, that if followed truthfully, fulfillment and rewards will always be our companions.

We believe Web3 is immutable and enduring – today, tomorrow and forever. A place where intellectual currency and creativity coexist, uninhibited. But we see this technology as a means, not an end.

Our beginning and end is innovation, where exploration feeds our curiosity and inspires us to passionately and constantly go further. We believe in a life lived culturally, globally and thoughtfully, whenever inspiration moves us, wherever our inner truth takes us.

We are constantly staring at the sun, blinded by an endless horizon of possibilities.

Some call us “uncommon creatures”. We call ourselves, quite simply, THE KRILLEST.

Member Values

Live Nomadically

KRILLERS embrace the offbeat path, the road less traveled; new people, places and adventures. And while there are those who may call us unconventional, it’s the tools, friendships, ideas and technologies that give us connection, place and purpose.

Manifest Responsibly

Influence must be nurtured and cared for, thoughtfully. Our bliss and our peace are found within a deep conscientiousness, an empathy for others and an awareness of our impact on the world around us.

Deliver the Dream

KRILLERS are daydreamers and doers. We understand that innovation is not easy – an idea is nothing but a passing glance unless it is passionately, actively and collaboratively willed into existence.

Come As You Are

We realize that our path to health and happiness is individual, but one that must be walked together. We believe the only way to create something new is to remain open, aligning disparate interests and diverse individuals, forming unexpected connections, moving us all forward, onward. And while we share similar passions and purpose, we embrace our differences and gather without any expectation of formality.

Build Together

KRILLERS are a collective of inventors, artists, leaders, risk-takers and idealists, who share an insatiable desire to learn, discover and grow. Our tribe is a fourth world of sorts, consisting of temporary spaces designed to connect us, recharge us and energize us for what’s ahead. We understand that greatness cannot be achieved alone, but that together, we can do extraordinary things.


The Krillest team is made up of some of the most dynamic, creative and accomplished leaders in their respective fields:

Matei Olaru

CEO & Co Founder

Formally trained as a corporate lawyer, most recently Matei transformed a blog into an award-winning media and tech startup in the cannabis industry which went public in 2018. Born experimenter/curious builder; currently on several advisory boards in the psychedelic industry and living nomadically.

Kat Cohen

President & Co Founder

Together with co-founder Matei Olaru, Kat has created and led NFT Masterclasses, conducted investment activities for an NFT fund and has served as a Web3 educator. She’s an avid legendary art and digital art collector, and metaverse investor. In addition, Kat is the founder and CEO of IvyWise, the world’s top educational consulting company that works with students globally to help them get into the schools of their choice.

Jeff Burroughs

Head of Experiences

Entertainment expert with more than 25 years of experience developing GRAMMY award-winning artists and integrating brands. A founder of Sean “Diddy” Combs ‘Bad Boy Records’ and brand builder for Simon Cowell, has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Camilla Cabello and Kanye West. Jeff has produced an array of iconic experiences including Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, Diddy White parties and most recently Kanye West’s DONDA experiences.

PJ Loughran

Head of Brand

Musician, Illustrator, CEO and Serial Entrepreneur. Former President at Superfly (Bonnaroo, Outside Lands), has built and sold two businesses, created iconic cultural brands and led creative for some of the most influential companies and large-scale events in the world.

Grant Fisher

Head of Technology

Grant is a Philosopher and Technologist with over 20 years experience in Security, Intelligence and Software Development. Founder and CXO at Outland, the Security Industry’s first Venture Studio; web2/3 development shop and public private think tank. Formerly the Founder and President of HTX Labs (DoD Enterprise VR/ Metaverse).

Join Us

The Krillest is a collective of inventors, artists, risk-takers and idealists, who share an insatiable desire to learn, discover and grow. Do you have that Kriller Instinct? Click the link below to begin the application process.